Gigabit BT PoE++ Adapter

GV-PA902BT is a Gigabit PoE (Power over Ethernet) adapter. The adapter supports the IEEE802.3af/at/bt Power over Ethernet standard, with a maximum power output of 95 W over a single Ethernet cable. You can mount an IP camera anywhere in a building where power outlets are scarce by using the PoE adapter.

Panasonic has confirmed that GVPA902BT is compatible with the Professional AV cameras :

AW-HR140             | AW-UE150                 |AW-UE100               |AW-UE150
AW-UE100             | AW-UN70                   |AW-HN40H              |AW-HR140
AW-HE145             | AW-HN130                 |AW-HE130               |AW-UE80
AW-UE70               |AW-UE50                    |AW-UE40                  |AW-HE42
AW-HE40SW/SK   |AW-HE40HW/HK        |AW-HN38HW/HK      |AK-HRP200G
AW-HE38HW/HK   |AW-UE20W/K             |AW-UE4WG/KG        |AK-HRP1005GJ
AW-HE20W/K        | AW-RP60GJ               |AW-RP150GJ            |AK-HRP1000GJ

Refer to Panasonic website
Refer to Panasonic Compatibility Chart for PoE HUB

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